Bosco: Pacer EP


The second offering from Atlanta-based Bosco (formerly Brittany Bosco) weaves a tapestry of nocturnal moods - touching on trip-hop, soul and electronic music - that settle into six contemplative numbers bursting with atmosphere. "King of the Land" and "Kids" sound instantly familiar as each bares the mark of producer Phil Jones (Washed Out/Dog Bite). Jones' influence is palpable, especially in such faraway excursions as Pacer's title track, where floating percussion rises and falls in waves of reverb as Bosco's exquisite falsetto reaches angelic heights. But the journey isn't always such sweet ambiance. Bliss and regret merge to become one dreamy, grinding sentiment under her machine-age Billie Holiday swoon on "Needled Heart," "Beauty & the Stone" (produced by Ira G), and "Yea-Yay" (produced by Star Slinger). Each of these gliding, 4 a.m. reflections bare the mark of a yearning artist whose voice trades lines with conceptual, textural and tonal qualities to channel a sensual and sophisticated collection of songs. (4 out of 5 stars)