DEX ROMWEBER DUO: Ruins of Berlin

Call it sibling chemistry. The former Flat Duo Jets frontman Dexter Romweber pairs with his drumming sister, Sara, to breathe rejuvenating life into his Southern gothic twist on the canon of punk and rockabilly swagger. But aside from a few choice licks in the opener “Lookout,” there isn’t a whole lot of shaking going on in Ruins of Berlin. The spectral pace of “Lover’s Gold,” “Love Letters” (featuring Cat Power’s Chan Marshall) and “Still Around” (with Neko Case) illustrate Dexter’s graceful evolution out of the calamity of FDJ and into a more contemplative head space. Sara’s drumming is busy but always laid down at an understated pace that underscores the album’s dark, starry-eyed mood. Apparently, quiet innovation runs in the family. 5 stars.

Dex Romweber Duo plays the Star Bar with Subsonics and Grinder Nova. $10. 9 p.m. 404-681-9018. www.starbaratlanta.com.