Diarrhea Planet: Loose Jewels

Infinity Cat Records

Upon initial contact with Diarrhea Planet's name, it's hard to imagine why any band would call itself something so shit-all stupid. It's gross, sophomoric and, well, gross covers it. But take a look inside and the group's four-guitar, fist-pumping Southern punk anthems are infectious enough to demand more than a huffed dismissal. At 1:15, Loose Jewels' first charger "Ice Age" sets the stage for a super-fun punk rock house party that captures both the sound and convulsive energy of the group's live shows. "Cigarettes" and "Juggernaut!" run in the red while keeping the sweat-soaked plod moving with a triumphant trajectory. There's nothing all that groundbreaking about the album's lo-fi sound, frenzied pace, or pro-beer chants; but that's OK. There's a lot of fun to be had here, and if you're not willing to look past the group's name and give Loose Jewels a fair shake, then you probably don't want them crashing your party, anyway. (3 out of 5 stars)