Fela Kuti: The Best of Black President 2

Knitting Factory Records

In the liner notes to Fela Kuti's The Best of Black President 2, rapper Akon states, "Fela's political beliefs were ahead of their time in so many ways, not least in their global vision." Likewise, every note throughout this essential 1971-to-1992 collection encapsulates Kuti's rebellious passion. As with Volume One, songs such as "Expensive Shit," "Sorrow Tears and Blood," and "Yellow Fever" move not in stiff chronological order, but with the guidance of Knitting Factory Records' curatorial hands. Some will be drawn to the political fire. Others will find Kuti's Afrobeat rhythms and musical atmospheres entrancing. Either way, The Best of Black President 2 channels all of the beauty and repulsion with which Kuti found balance in life. (5 out of 5 stars)