Ghostface Killah

More Fish

Ghostface Killah's Fishscale — released back in March — was a cut above. Wu-Tang's nuanced Ironman was undiluted, immediately collar-gripping like pitbulls straining at their leashes. Unfortunately, this sorta sequel is not so concentrated. More Fish prophetically intros with unfocused skit chatter, and then unfolds across 17 tracks into an equally scattered primer on Ghostface's crew Theodore Unit more than a Pretty Toney showcase. The overall production attempts insistent swagger more yet emotionally connects less. It's halfway — too long — to reach "Pokerface," which along with "Blue Armor" and "Alex (Stolen Script)," are the scuffed, anxious highlights. "Block Rock" and "Guns N' Razors" also bang with detail. But with "Good" and Amy Winehouse-featured "You Know I'm No Good" obvious radio bids and some cameos coming up short, listening is schizophrenic. 3 stars.