June Carter Cash

Keep On The Sunny Side: Her Life In Music

There is no doubt that country music legend Johnny Cash found great strength from his soulmate during most of his incredible career. June Carter was country royalty before she married Cash; her mother, Maybelle, was one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. In spite of her bloodline and amazing talent, June Carter Cash only recorded three full-length albums in her career, preferring a brief solo stint as a comedienne in the mid-1950s, and her role as a member of the Carter family and "The Johnny Cash Show."

Carter was often a featured vocalist on many other package tours, with a scattering of recorded tracks in various places. Keep On The Sunny Side: Her Life In Music gathers and chronicles her widespread work, covering an incredible eight decades. From her first live recording in 1939 at the tender age of 10 to her final home studio performance in early 2003, Carter's musical contributions might have been overshadowed by her husband's legacy during their lifetimes, but her gift is undeniable.

Of the 40 tracks included here, it is futile to identify a few standouts. What's even more important than the actual quality of the work (which is amazing) is the historical significance of many of the cuts. Carter collaborated with many artists throughout her life, and clearly she was highly respected by her peers. It's about time for June to get some credit, and she would be proud of this one.