Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy

Adieu False Heart

Take two angelic voices, back them up with an ensemble of the finest acoustic musicians in the world, and give them a baker’s dozen of traditional and contemporary songs. Insert in CD player. Let your mind be blown.

Ronstadt and Savoy join forces once again in a stunning follow-up to 2002’s Grammy-nominated collaboration Evangeline Made, and this time expand their repertoire from French/Cajun songs to include material by Bill Monroe, John Jacob Niles and Richard Thompson (two jaw-dropping tunes!). Joined by folks such as mandolinist Sam Bush, fiddlers Stuart Duncan and Andrea Zonn, and Dirk Powell on harmonica and accordion, the album is captivating from beginning to end.

The purity and perfect blending of the ladies’ voices give each unique track a new identity, especially the stunning cover of the classic ’60s gem “Walk Away Renee” by the Left Banke. “Adieu False Heart” was made for the quintessential quiet summer night. 4 stars