Matmos: The Marriage of True Minds

Thrill Jockey

The Marriage of True Minds is Matmos' most abstract album yet, and that's saying a lot, given Drew Daniel and Martin Schmidt's penchant for concept-based collages of listenable - and nearly danceable - experimentation. Known for basing entire albums around curiosities like using only source sounds from surgeries, or sentiments and melodies channeling the English and American Civil Wars, the duo creates its patented musique-concrète pop with mostly captivating results. This time around, the pair conducted a series of telepathic experiments to help shape the album, and the results are quite mixed. "Very Large Green Triangles" and "Aetheric Vehicle" provide an airy, vocal center for the band's whirring effects and trademark eccentricities, while "In Search of a Lost Faculty" falls a bit flat, resembling NPR background noise more than anything else. (3 out of 5 stars)