Lou Barlow was a real dick when Sebadoh's III hit the streets in 1991. It's apparent in the jerky chords and emotionally defensive prowess of opener "The Freed Pig," but it wasn't out of place. III was such a huge departure from the self-congratulatory noise that preceded it that it became a landmark not only for Sebadoh, but for indie rock at large. Fueling self-reliance with self-indulgence became the battle cry for homemade indie rock. This remastered re-issue lifts the fog, revealing that as much quaint charm shoddy recording gave to such mantras as "Wonderful, Wonderful" and "Kath," there is some genuinely great songwriting hiding in the haze.

On the second disc, the much lauded, though better-left-forgotten "Gimmie Indie Rock" 7" comes off like a Budweiser commercial. Likewise, the slacker jeer in "Showtape '91" is a staunch reminder that Barlow was a real dick. 4 stars