Sigur Rós


“Space is what we have here,” says Sigur Rós keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson about 15 minutes into Heima (“homeland”), the band’s live-performance DVD. That sentiment resonates heavily throughout the post-Takk... (2005) tour doc filmed on location in Iceland and made up of stoic, high-def landscape stills, smatterings of performances and band-member confessionals. Cameras followed Sigur Rós during a series of free and mostly unannounced shows in some of the country’s deepest, darkest corners, including a long-abandoned herring factory and a moving, all-acoustic performance at a now-submerged dam protest camp. Like its homeland, the group can seem off-putting and inhospitable, with members as obtuse as some of their songs. For all the aloofness, however, Heima shows the familial thread that ties the group together, that bonds the group to the Icelandic public and Icelanders to their country. 4 stars