Takagi Masakatsu

World Is So Beautiful

Takagi Masakatsu creates music and visual art with equal dexterity, as revealed in this collection of short music videos originally presented in the Japanese boutiques of fashion designer agnès b. With a particular focus on nature and children, Masakatsu shot footage in various international locations such as Japan, Cuba, Turkey, Guatemala, Indonesia and Nepal. Washes of Technicolor, haze, virtual snowflakes and other textures were then digitally added to present an overall unity among the pieces.

Masakatsu matches the fluidity of the visuals with a soundtrack of melodic and delicate electronics, maintaining a generally chilled-out air. This is the closest most of us might ever get to visiting these lands and Masakatsu's languid imagery, balanced with his equally soothing sounds, provides a brief retreat. 4 stars