13-year-old not first to accuse DragonCon founder of molestation

13-year-old not first to accuse DragonCon founder of molestationWhen DragonCon founder Ed Kramer was arrested Aug. 25 on charges that he molested a 13-year-old boy, it wasn't a complete surprise to Gwinnett County Police. According to Investigator Curtis Clemons, a 16-year-old boy told police in 1997 that Kramer met him through DragonCon and had been molesting him since he was 11. Kramer was arrested in that case, but the young man later recanted his account and charges were dropped.

The district attorney's office may contact the earlier accuser and ask him to testify in the latest case, says Clemons, who is assigned to the county's child protection unit. "We can't force him to do so, but the DA's office may recontact him about it," Clemons says.

Kramer is employed by the Metro Regional Educational Service Agency as a technical consultant to 11 metro schools. His most-recent alleged victim is the son of a woman Kramer met through a telephone dating service, a woman who says Kramer and she never had sex during their almost three-year relationship, which ended when her son alleged that Kramer had molested him.

Gwinnett Police seized more than 200 pornographic videotapes at Kramer's home in Duluth. At least a dozen of them depicted sex between young boys, and between young boys and older men.

Clemons says child molesters often use adult porn to break down the inhibitions of children, telling them that if adults are doing it, it must be OK.

The FBI is conducting its own review of the Kramer case on the basis of his alleged possession of child pornography, which is, in itself, a federal offense.

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