In mayor’s race, Franklin ahead on dough

The battle to decide who is first in Atlantans’ hearts is still months away, but mayoral candidate Shirley Franklin is staking claim to first place in city pocketbooks.

The first of the Big 3 candidates to declare her campaign contributions after the March 31 filing date, Franklin said Monday that her campaign has raised more than $1.3 million. A million is in the bank, says Franklin spokesman Gary G. Horlacher.

According to her fund-raising summary, her campaign lists 2,525 contributors — nearly equally split between male and female, with a healthy 486 non-gendered corporate contributions. The average contribution totaled $546.23.

About 54 percent of the contributors hail from Atlanta, the summary indicated. Of that 54 percent, 60 percent were from south Atlanta and 40 percent from north Atlanta.

Horlacher says officials in the Georgia Secretary of State’s office told him that $1.3 million is the most a female candidate has ever raised in Georgia.

Anyone interested in the list of people who contributed to the campaign can view it online at Candidates have until April 6 to submit their first official campaign disclosure reports. Atlanta City Council president Robb Pitts plans to file his disclosures this week.??

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