The reports of my death, etc.

Atlanta City Councilwoman Julia Emmons wants everyone to know she won’t stop running for City Council president until all the votes are counted in November.

That reassurance might be a little late.

Seems Emmons was a little too forthcoming with an Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter in an interview before the city’s June 23-24 Gay Pride festivities. She admitted there was a possibility that problems with the Peachtree Road Race — she’s the director — could force her to reconsider her run for council prez (although she told CL, in an interview a few days later, it was highly unlikely).

On July 5, the AJC ran a story stating that Emmons’ road race responsibilities might put an end to her election run.

You could almost hear the footfalls of contributors running away from her campaign.

Now, however, Emmons says the race details have been worked out, and her campaign headquarters, at the corner of Cascade and Ralph David Abernathy roads, opens July 21.

“Some people were anxious to have headlines and I got caught in the middle of that,” she says.

The question for Emmons is whether her candor has damaged her election run before it’s even hit its stride.??

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