Study of Ponce could lead to facelift

Pimps and ho's rejoice: City planners are looking to renovate the 2.1-mile stretch of Ponce de Leon Avenue between Peachtree Street and Moreland Avenue.

The $70,000 study will examine improving intersections, and will likely push for a more pedestrian accessible and bicycle-friendly area.

Folks at the city of Atlanta Bureau of Planning fear that failure to get a handle on the surge in redevelopment going on in the area could lead to fragmented development and poor mobility.

They better work fast. Ponce is already a traffic nightmare, and there seems to be a fancy-spancy new loft/ condos development for every beer can the Clermont Lounge's Blondie crushes between her breasts.

The study kicks off with a public meeting Nov. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at the Sherry Lyons Williams Auditorium in City Hall East.??

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