No mayoral run-off -- good for Woolard, bad for Bond

To win the City Council president's race, Michael Bond will have to get voters to the polls on his own for the run-off Nov. 27.

Barring a recount-related reversal, he won't have a mayor's race to help mobilize voters, especially black voters, in a race against Cathy Woolard that figures to break along racial lines. Whites tend to vote more heavily in run-offs.

"What Michael has to do is to raise a couple hundred thousand dollars and stress the importance to the black community that he be in [the council president's] position," says Tom Houck, a Bond supporter.

Former Mayor Andrew Young already has endorsed Bond; Maynard Jackson, if he chooses to get involved, may follow suit. But Shirley Franklin doesn't figure to be involved in the outcome.

"I think it would be inappropriate for her to get involved," says Bond, who put in a congratulatory call to the apparent mayor-elect. "Of course, I do want Shirley's vote."

Meanwhile, Woolard can count on other run-offs in majority-white Districts 6 and 7, and that should help get potential supporters to the polls and improve her chances. She's already proved many pundits wrong by getting into the run-off in the first place. She'll still need strong supporters, though, if she hopes to best Bond, a candidate with stronger name recognition and experienced get-out-the-vote operatives.??

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