Ask and ye shall receive

Skateboarders may get a home in Grant Park.

Two weeks ago, CL ran a story about skateboarder Aaron Boodman, who took the time to post on his website, pictures and all, the best new place to skate in Midtown — the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. His larger point was that Atlanta, unlike just about every other American city with more than 5,000 people, still doesn't have a public skate park.

Well, Aaron Boodman, meet the Intrenchment Creek Coalition Inc. About a year ago, the nonprofit civic group purchased a 25-acre tract of land along Boulevard in Grant Park that stretches to Custer Avenue, and it wants to put a skate facility there. The problem, according to Intrenchment Creek president and civic activist Steve Carr, is that the group hasn't been able to find anyone — from donors to designers — interested in helping the skate park become a reality.

Carr says Intrenchment Creek also is looking for other ideas about developing the space. Anyone interested can call Carr at 404-622-1155.??

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