KSU department chairman resigns

After firing his secretary and calling her a "bitch," and then offending a new secretary by showing her sexy pictures on his computer, Kamal Fatehi has resigned from his position as chairman of the Kennesaw State University Department of Management and Entrepreneurship.

Fatehi will continue teaching in the department. He did not return CL's phone calls.

Fatehi's resignation comes after an investigation by the Board of Regents into his behavior. CL has reported on the incidents over the past year.

In an e-mail message to department faculty, Fatehi attributed his resignation to his need to take better care of his health and family. "As a faculty member, I hope to have less stress," he wrote. "That should help me to recover from a[n] ... ulcer that has beset me in the last couple of years. As a colleague, I expect no intrusion into my private and personal life as it has been the case so far."

The Board of Regents issued a report late last month finding that Fatehi fired his secretary, Elizabeth Boyd, and then listed among his yearly accomplishments that he'd "fired the bitch." The report also found that Fatehi downloaded onto his office computer photographs of Janet Jackson exposing her breast at the Super Bowl halftime show and showed them to another secretary.

Vicki Pierce, president of Cobb County's National Organization for Women, says she's not entirely satisfied with the resolution. "They demoted Fatehi, but he still gets the same pay," Pierce says. "And [Boyd] gets nothing."

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