How do Atlanta police rate against your hometown cops?

David: There’s definitely racial distinctions with the Atlanta officers. I’ve been pulled over by black cops and not been given a break. I got a California stop [rolling stop] in Midtown less than a block from my house. I think the black cops write white guys tickets and the white cops write black guys tickets. I seriously thought that this guy looks at me and just says, “You’re white, you’re in a nice car, I’m going to write you a ticket. I don’t give a shit who you are.

Virgil: They’re more lenient when it comes to something minor. They give some breaks. In Kingston, N.C., you’re going to jail. Any little thing — boom. They want to take you to jail. They don’t give you no break. If you’re speeding 55 in a 35-mile zone, you’re going to jail. In Atlanta, they give you a ticket and let you take care of your business.

Brian: Pittsburgh cops will help you out, they protect and serve; Atlanta cops don’t know what protect and serves means. You can be on the side of the road and you ask for help, and they’ll say, “It’s hot outside. I’m busy.” In Pittsburgh, they’re more professional, and everybody knows each other. The people are proud of their city, their teams. It’s a pride thing, and that shows with the police force.??