How much does talent count to be a successful rock band in Atlanta?

James: The more talented you are, the further away from fame you’ll be. People want their package to be pretty and nice. For example, the Atlantis music conference this weekend. Any band that plays is just begging to be abused. They’ve been scamming bands since the beginning of time. Any band in Atlanta that has any chance of being an individual and creative, you’re crushed instantly.

Nicole: You have to be a good band to have longevity, but you don’t have to be a good band to have some level of success. If the bands stay active and continue to write new songs, keep their fan base excited and no one knows what to expect when they go see them, they will continue to grow and do better. There are a lot of bands in this town that do that very well and that’s why it’s so exciting here.

Trey: It’s more marketing than talent. With the clubs, it’s ‘can you bring more people in?’ They’re not looking for the most talented band. I’ve seen a lot of talented bands that are playing to 20 or 30 people. You’re forced to become a business person. Atlanta is very fragmented. There isn’t a general scene here that controls everything. Atlanta is more a business-oriented city, not so much an entertainment one.