Streetalk October 02 2003

Should there be a moratorium on street-name changes in Atlanta?

Marie: I have a real problem with streets changing for people who are still alive. I understand you want to honor some people, but there’s a certain street that will remain unnamed that just kind of changed its name without much ado in the city. It just all of a sudden became this street. It’s not Andy Young, either — he can have a street. But it’s the people I don’t like that can’t have a street. There is something a little odd driving down a street named after you while you’re still alive.

Prof: Yes. There are too many name changes and too many streets without names. There’s Homeless Street Avenue. “Where’s Joe? Oh, he’s on Homeless Avenue” — that’s a street that doesn’t have a name on it. We have a street called “Dog Barking Avenue,” because the dogs always bark down the street — but there’s no name on it. They should name the streets as they really are.

Kevin: Atlanta is a dynamic city. With the influx of different people, there’s going to be different people that make a difference in the city. So why should we have a moratorium [on naming streets after them]? Atlanta is the only town where 14th Street is actually the 1000th block. And when you cross the street at 10th Street, it’s the 1400th block. It’s a mess to begin with. Any town that has 38 Peachtrees could use name changes.