Streetalk March 11 2004

Does Atlanta have anything going for it on St. Patrick's Day?

Michael: There are two kinds of people: those who take it seriously and the others who just look at [it] as another opportunity to get drunk. And in Atlanta, it's pretty much another opportunity to get drunk. For some reason, it turned into a frat party. The parade is in Buckhead, not downtown, so the city doesn't get behind it like they do in Chicago, Savannah or New York. There's a difference between a celebration for an ethnic group and a reason for getting drunk. You mix the two and you get muck.

Doug: I love St. Patrick's Day in Atlanta. There are lots of places to go and have a beverage in honor of St. Patrick. You can go to Limerick Junction in Virginia-Highland. You can go over to your Irish friend's house and drink green beer and eat corned beef. And the Buckhead parade is great. It's fun to be outside in the spring in Atlanta. For the naysayers, they need to get out more. It is a good excuse to get drunk, and that's better than not having an excuse.

A.J.: For me, it's [about] drinking and smoking green so I don't get pinched. That's about the only thing I know about St. Patrick's Day. When I was young, I didn't pinch nobody because they were all bigger kids. But now I always have green on. You don't want to get fuckin' pinched. I used to drink a shitload, but I'll [still] drink on St. Patrick's Day because I know a couple of Irish people, and that's what they invite us to do. Go out to the bars and just get fuckin' shit-faced with them.