Streetalk April 01 2004

Is it right banning dogs from the Dogwood Festival?

Allison & Omar: No. You'd think they would allow dogs to come and to see the other dogs in competition. It doesn't make any sense to have a dog competition and you can't bring your dog. They can simply implement rules where dogs have to be on a leash or you're given a citation. Most people in this park know the personality of their dogs and know their dogs' limits. If your dog is on a leash and under control, there isn't any problem. I'm not going if my dog can't go.

Charles & Abby: It's probably not the best environment for dogs because of the crowds. Not everyone is a dog person. Dogs get a little skittish and typically very hot. I've been to the festival the last three years. I didn't see anything actually happen, but I saw a potential for problems. Dogs suffer heat stroke, get in fights with other dogs, get freaked out with all the other people around. You're not necessarily able to bring your dog everywhere you go. There are tons of other places where you can take your dog.

Katie & Madison: Dogs are an integral part of the Dogwood Festival. People love dog watching. Last year, I came with my dog Madison and had no problem at all. I didn't see any problem with any of the other dogs either, and there were thousands of dogs here that weekend. I bring my dog here all the time and I've never had any problem with any dogs. People come in large part to see the dogs. It's part of the experience. Without them, it's taking away a large part of the festival.