Streetalk June 24 2004

Is Atlanta a friendly city for gay couples?

Michael and Walt: Atlanta is the most gay-friendly city we've ever lived in. There's such a freedom here that there's not in other places. You don't feel threatened by what you do or what you don't do. People just don't care. They accept you for who you are. There's a lot more pride in Atlanta. In Atlanta, you just get to be yourself. You sense that you're home and you're comfortable with your surroundings. It's a big culture shock when you leave Atlanta.

Diane and Lecia: I [Lecia] came to Atlanta for the express purpose of being in a gay-friendly environment. In Montgomery, life for gay people is to live without an identity, to be invisible. I was just so excited to see gay people out and happy, feeling free and being themselves. Atlanta is like being in heaven. I appreciate the racial and ethnic diversity here. It feels a lot more comfortable. Here, gay people are not into trying to adopt a persona and look a certain way.

Scott and Joe: A lot of gay partners are comfortable holding hands or showing some type of affection within Midtown, but once they travel outside Midtown, they tend to draw back. Outside Midtown, and maybe Little Five, you face ridicule. But you can even be at a Midtown club and people will drive by and yell, "Fuckin' faggots." I [Scott] hear it all the time. But these things you learn to live with. Atlanta as a whole is not a couple-friendly city.