Streetalk March 23 2005

What spring look gives you the hots?

Jenna: Hairy, chubby men on bicycles. He’s natural and confident, and, I hate to stereotype, but a little jolly. With the T-shirts that come up in the back when they’re riding, you always get the plumber crack which is surprisingly not a huge turn off. He’s in shape enough to get around but still chubby enough to not be threatening.

Ted: Spaghetti straps, tank tops and a baseball cap. The cap gives the woman a low-maintenance look. And when it’s chilly in the morning and she was wearing a button-down shirt but now that the sun’s out, she takes off the shirt and ties it around her waist - ah, man, I could look at that forever.

Sadie: I’m sexually attracted to a man who has a good sense of style and is not afraid to use different colors. This spring orange is going to be big. As long as they’re not in prison, orange is very bold and very eye-catching. The one color I don’t find sexually attractive is pink. A red or a mauve I could find attractive, but pastel pink just makes a man look washed out.