Streetalk June 29 2005

Is Atlanta a place to be on the Fourth of July?

Kelley: It’s THE place to be. We are Hotlanta all day long. The fireworks are beautiful. You have at least four locations you can go to. We pulled over last year to sit on top of the car to watch the fireworks at Centennial Park. It was absolutely spellbinding. We have that Southern cookin’. There’s nothing like a barbecue in Atlanta, G-A. If you can’t enjoy yourself here, get the hell on, that’s all.

Katie: Everybody goes out of town because Atlanta sucks balls when it comes to the Fourth. The fireworks suck and the bars close at 2 a.m. You should go to Alabama - they, like, set gas drums on fire. It’s off the chain in Alabama. Atlanta has like snakes and sparklers. They swirl like a bad erection. They’re not satisfying in every sense of the word. I worked at Lenox Square. Their [fireworks are] not that great. I’m going to the beach.

Danny: I love this city. For the first time I’m not watching a fireworks display but actually putting one on with my friends. We’ve already bought $200 worth of fireworks. We’ll be drinking, cooking out, having about 20 of our friends and family with us and putting on an hour’s worth of display of fireworks. I’m so excited about this.