Streetalk November 09 2005

Will the fish be happy at the Georgia Aquarium?

Steve: You’ve eliminated the environment where there are natural predators. They may not be happy, but they’re better off. The fish will be as happy as fish can be. The truth is fish have primitive nervous systems. That’s what’s great about having primitive nervous ­[systems] — you don’t know anything. So even if they were really happy, they wouldn’t know it.

Hong: Depending on where they’re from, I think fish from the wild may be a little unhappy because it’s a different surrounding. Fish from other aquariums are used to being around other people, so they’ll be happy. Everybody should be happy, including fish. They’re beautiful creatures. They’re going to make me happy going there and watching them. I’d love to have my wedding there.

Andy: No. I don’t think any animal needs to be taken out of their natural habitat and put into a glass cage. I don’t think it’s fair. A big whale or a big shark doesn’t need to be put in a confined area. I don’t believe goldfish do, either. I don’t want to be pulled out of my life and put into a cage.