What have you done to make Atlanta a better city in 2005?

Leah: I believe that vagabond gypsy street music is one big step to making Atlanta better. I try to bring some street character to the city. We play fiddle banjo music on rainy, cold street corners anytime we get the chance. The more street traffic and pedestrian-friendly you can get around here, the better. Makes the city more lively, diverse, art-oriented, certainly more interesting.

Rubix: I come to work every day. I show up every day and do my job. If everybody else would show up every day for work, that would make Atlanta rock. You get consistency from me. I’m helpful and efficient. If everyone was like me, Atlanta would be the shit. They’d be helpful, concise. People who don’t show up to work every day are lazy bastards.

Scott: I leave space. I’d been getting in the habit of leaving space in between the front of my vehicle and the back of the other person’s vehicle in front of me so that other people can change lanes easier. It’s a small change since it’s just me, but maybe it will catch on. It’s a lot nicer and a lot more polite. [The other drivers] wave and they smile. It’s as if you’ve given a gift to somebody.