Who are Atlanta's most overpaid and underpaid people?

Holly: Educators — especially the ones who teach small children. They work so hard and have to be so sensitive. You're cleaning up pee and poop and you're petting people's back so they can sleep, and at the same time you have to be really smart and intellectual. People entrust you with their children yet they don't think you're worth being monetarily rewarded for that. Overpaid are Whitney and Bobby Brown's children. They don't do anything but shop and talk on their cell phones.

Ken: I would say bartenders and waitresses are severely underpaid but when I think about it, they bring more money home than me and I'm an art director. Creative types — artists, musicians, designers — are suffering. I really don't like marketing types. They make way too much money. They get paid to kiss ass, do a lot of nothing and take advantage of the creative types. They are more of a liaison and not worth a damn.

Brandon: I'm a punk rocker and I should be getting paid a lot more for what I do. I DJ a little bit, too. I should be getting paid 20 times more than what I'm getting paid. I supply a service to the community. I play music and get people drunk. That should be like pope status. People don't appreciate it. The most overpaid are everybody else that don't do a service for the community like my roommate. He does nothing but sell tobacco pipes.