Why are you wearing that for Halloween?

Mark, Atlanta:
I’m the Crimson Ghost. I loved the movie and it’s my favorite band’s [Misfits] logo. I loved all those old black-and-white horror movies with Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. Halloween was like my Christmas. I always loved to throw spiders at my Mom and other people who were really scared of them. Every year of my life I have dressed up for Halloween.
Gouda, Atlanta:
My Mom made me wear this. She thinks I’m a little fairy princess. But I would rather be a blood-sucking evil bat. I’ve been in witches hats, feathers, boas. People love it. They treat me like a celebrity. I know it’s Halloween because my Mom goes crazy with treats and toys for me. These wings can be irritating, but I get a lot more attention. I suffer for my art.
Calu, Atlanta:
I’m a satanic dead Catholic schoolgirl. I like the irony of Catholicism and Satanism mixed together because it’s all the same thing really. I don’t believe in Satanism and I like to take the piss in organized religion. We don’t have Halloween in England, but I make my Dad celebrate it with me. But being English, I have a real problem with Thanksgiving. Bloody Americans.

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