Will recent events dampen your enthusiasm for Halloween?

My celebrations will not be ruined at all. Bad things happen all the time. You get over it and move along. I lost two friends up there and they’ll be missed, but I’m going to celebrate Halloween as if they were here. People should go out and see the shows and have fun. Don’t let anything stop you. Halloween is the best holiday of the year. It’s like Christmas but better. I’m a very creepy-looking man. You don’t need any makeup to scare people when you’re Bela.

It doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm. It’s a fun time of year for everybody to act a little silly and eat lots of candy. I think it will alleviate people’s stress to dress up and have a good time. People want to take their mind off of all the terrible things that are happening. I’m one of the first spooky ladies in movies. There’s not too many of us. There’s me, Elvira, Vampira. But I’m an original. I’m the perfect mix of beauty and horror.

Yeah. It’s too bad. It’s too tragic. How are you going to celebrate right this minute? There’s just not much enthusiasm to have a big time. But of course I sometimes see that side of life anyway. They call me a crape hanger. New business opens and I say, ‘How long is it going to last?’ But maybe by Christmas it will be different. I’m Cochise. I’m a great warrior. I’m the Indian chief that wears glasses. I’m farsighted so I have to wear them to shoot the arrows. u??

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