The Blotter: Birthday melee

A man and some friends gathered to celebrate his 26th birthday at a local male strip club. While inside the club, "the evening went fine, with everyone having a good time," the birthday man said. He had one drink and three shots over three and a half hours. As the celebration wound down, a male friend offered to drive the birthday man home. In the car, the friend seemed fine until he suddenly started telling a story about his mother almost passing away from cancer. The birthday man responded by saying the friend "should count his blessings" since the friend's mother had survived; the birthday man pointed out that his own mother passed away from cancer.

Then the friend "completely changed." The friend yelled and screamed at the birthday man and started driving erratically all over the road. Freaked out, the birthday man demanded the friend stop and let him out of the car. The friend refused.

Finally, the friend slowed down and turned into a parking lot near the birthday man's apartment. While the car was moving, the birthday man jumped out and started walking to the front gate of his apartment complex. Outraged, the friend whipped his car around and drove straight toward the birthday man. As the car whizzed by, the birthday man jumped out of the way to avoid being hit.

The friend got out of his car and alledgedly tackled the birthday man to the ground. The birthday man pushed his friend away and sprinted to the front gate. The friend chased the birthday man, and alledgedly slapped him across the face and knocked him to the ground. Fed up, the birthday man punched his friend's face two or three times and kicked his friend as hard as he could. "If you try to lay your hands on me again, I will kill you," screamed the birthday man. The friend promptly drove away. Exhausted, the birthday man could not find his cellphone to call police. Instead, he went to bed. The next day, the birthday man woke up to find a nasty message on his iPad. The sender: His friend's boyfriend. Finally, the man walked to a Buckhead police station and filed a report about his bonkers birthday celebration.

Gifted self-tribute

A tipsy man recently strolled down the middle of Edgewood Avenue while drinking from a paper cup. A police officer asked the man what he was drinking. Booze, the man admitted. The cop noted, "[He] said today was his birthday, and he was starting it off early." The cop decided to frisk the man for weapons and the man said he had several tools on him. The cop noted, "He was in possession of a power drill, tucked into his waistband," plus a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Did the tools actually belong to him? Nope, the man said, adding that he found everything that he carried and nothing belonged to him. The man, 25, went to jail for drinking in public.

Happy birthday?

A brouhaha broke out at a birthday party near Thomasville Park between the 21-year-old parents of a little boy. The mother said she got a call from the aunt of her child's father, asking her to help cook at the birthday party. According to the police officer's written report, the young mother said, "I proceeded to help his aunt, but I tried to leave, but they wanted me to make more drinks. So I stayed just a little while longer. Me and [her son's father] had words, so I said I was going to take a walk to the church and pray and get some cigarettes to ease my mind."

The mother and son left the birthday party and the boy's father allegedly followed them. "[He] hit me and then I [fell into] the street while a car was coming," the young mother said, according to the cop's notes. "I got up and continued to the church and [he] continued to come at me. He then push on my child and I said he ain't got [nothing] to do with it. He began to try and spit on me and pulled me down the stairs and we went at it."

The woman said her son's father might still be at the birthday party. When cops went to the aunt's home, the aunt said her nephew was long gone.

Click it or Ticket

In Midtown, a 31-year-old man in red SUV was not wearing a seat belt. A bicycle cop spotted the beltless driver on 10th Street. "I entered the roadway on my department-issued bicycle to make contact with the driver," the cop noted. The driver refused the bicycle cop's request for his license. "Why did you pick me out of everybody? You're harassing me!" the driver said.

"I dismounted my bicycle and ordered [the driver] to get out — he refused," the cop noted. "I pulled on the door handle — it was locked." The cop tried to unlock the door by reaching through an open window and the driver promptly rolled up the window. "I noticed the driver frantically looking for an escape route," the cop noted. "With vehicles to the left and a sidewalk to the right, he did not have many options. [The driver] decided to drive onto the sidewalk, which is heavily used by pedestrians and bicyclists, to avoid apprehension." After the bumpy sidewalk ride, the driver reportedly made an illegal turn, blew through a red light on Charles Allen Drive and then hit the gas pedal, quickly ditching the bicycle cop.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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