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Gwinnett Blotter November 18 2000

Police were working security detail at a high school football stadium in Gwinnett. As usual, the home team fans were sitting on one side of the stadium and the visiting fans on the other. ?
Visiting fans complained to the police that students from the home team were coming to their side and had removed a banner. The officer also was advised that some visiting students had gone to the other side in retaliation. ?
The complainants felt that a fight was about to happen. The officer observed a rapidly increasing number of students forming a huddle. In the officer’s experience, this type of sudden congregating was consistent with the possibility of a physical confrontation. ?
There were two young men facing each other in the center of the circle. The officer listened for a short while to a verbal exchange between the two men. The exchange became increasingly hostile and seemed to be moving toward an affray. ?
The crowd was becoming involved and the officer moved to intervene and restore the peace. Another young man moved between the two existing students. He stood out because of his 6-foot-5-inch height. ?
The two potential combatants were calming down when the man came between them. With no regard for the police presence, the man said in a loud voice, “Where are you going?” The tone was aggressive and he shouted an obscenity to one of the former combatants. ?
The officer placed a hand on the tall man’s arm to get his attention and an unknown female also was trying to calm him. He finally acknowledged the officer. The offender had breached the peace, creating a potential for a riot and was arrested for disorderly conduct.
A drunken 19-year-old Atlanta man wearing pajamas was seen walking in the middle of Roswell Road. The man had stopped traffic and was yelling profanities at the motorists. When the police approached, the man yelled profanities at the officer as he was placed under arrest for underage possession of alcohol and public drunkenness.
A manager of a movie theater received a fax which contained her name and an arrow pointing to a drawing of a person hanging from a noose. The fax also said, “Die!” ?
Another fax had a drawing of the outside of the movie theater and it was signed “an old employee.” ?
The manager, a 38-year-old Norcross woman, called the police. She told police she believes she is being harassed by a former employee she fired six days before for being under the influence of marijuana. Since then, the manager’s tires have been slashed twice and she fears bodily harm.
A 26-year-old Atlanta man and a 22-year-old Atlanta woman were walking out of an apartment on Northwood Drive when they were confronted by a woman. The two women began to argue. Then the confronting woman pulled out a knife and threw it at the 22-year-old woman, but she missed and the knife hit the man in the foot. The police reported that the man suffered a minor cut on his big toe.
A police officer observed a car traveling on Ga. 124 veer out of the lane five times. When the car was pulled over at a nearby gas station, the officer asked the woman driver for her license and proof of insurance. ?
She said he made her nervous and she needed to go to the bathroom. He again asked for her license and proof of insurance. She continued to fumble through her car and would not look at the officer. ?
The officer asked for her information two more times, and she still refused to comply and said she was looking for her cellular phone. The officer noted a moderate odor of alcohol coming from inside the car and saw a clear plastic cup containing yellow liquid. When asked how much she had to drink that night and where she had been, the woman replied she might have had one glass of wine at her friend’s house and she was returning to that residence. ?
The driver finally handed over her driver’s license and continued to look for her cell phone. She was asked several times to get out of the car, but she refused. ?
The officer called for a backup car. The woman finally got out of the car. She was unsteady and used the car’s door frame to assist her. She was very defiant and uncooperative and would not listen to instructions for the field sobriety evaluation. ?
She was unable to perform any of the evaluations. She was arrested for DUI and failing to drive within a single lane. She would not respond to any questions.
Adam Van Wickel contributed to this report.

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