Gwinnett Blotter March 07 2001

A security guard at Lenox Square mall was riding the escalator up from the food court when he passed a 26-year-old man who was riding the escalator down.
The 26-year-old turned and slapped the security guard twice, hard enough to cause red marks on his back. According to the police report, the 26-year-old said he did this "due to Boss Hog telling him to do so."
He was charged with simple battery and taken to jail.
A 47-year-old Pittsburgh woman called police to say that she had sent $490.50 via Western Union to a man in Lawrenceville.
The funds were to purchase something online. She has not received the item and the man's phone number has been disconnected and he will not answer her e-mail.
A 31-year-old Buford woman said that she and the co-owner of her business, a 28-year-old Lilburn man, were arguing over the selling of an item in the inventory of their store to raise some income.
She said the man had put about $230,000 into the business and had maxed out his charge plates and been told by his parents that he was thrown out and had no business sense.
During this argument, the woman said the her business partner slapped her left cheek. Due to crying, both cheeks were quite red and the officer was unable to attribute the reddening to a hand strike or tears.
The woman said she just desired to make a report and that she was quitting that day.
A Snellville woman was driving near Stone Mountain Highway when a black truck driven by a man attempted to turn right. The woman blew her horn at the truck and continued driving.
She said the man began to tailgate her and then pulled up alongside her and was yelling. He then got in front of the woman's car and began slamming on the brakes. He also then threw an item at the her car. The item was possibly food related and left a mark on the passenger side of her car.
The woman reported the incident. She gave the tag number to police and said that he had the yield sign.
When a police officer went to the man's home, he met the mother. She was not surprised by the his actions and said that he had some mental problems and trouble maintaining his temper. She said her son did not live at her home, but visits often.
The investigation into the incident continues.
Police were enroute to a burglar alarm at a residence with another unit when the first officer said a truck made a left turn in front of the officer's vehicle.
The vehicle turned slowly and directly in front of the officer, causing him to brake hard to avoid a collision. The vehicle was traveling slowly and weaving across the center line in the road. The officer turned on his blue lights, but the car did not stop.
The officer followed the man down a long driveway to his home and after stopping in his driveway, the officer approached the driver. There was a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on the man's breath and person. The officer asked how much alcohol he had had to drink. The man stated that he had not been drinking and that he was returning from a business meeting, followed by a visit to a diner.
At that time, the man was asked to perform field sobriety evaluations. He moved very slowly and held onto his truck for balance and stability as he walked.
When asked to let go of the car, the man stood for several minutes not wanting to move. When he finally let go of the truck, he started swaying side to side.
The officer asked the man if he would do the sobriety evaluations and he said no. The officer asked why not and the man said, "I don't want to get into trouble. What if I don't pass them?" The officer asked why he wouldn't pass them if he hadn't been drinking.
The man smiled, chuckled and said, "Come on, let's be serious. We both know I won't pass, we both know I've been drinking, be serious." He was placed under arrest for DUI.
With contribution by Lauren Keating.

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