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The Blotter: Reality bites

Near Greenbriar Mall, a woman wearing a blue striped dress marched into a dentist’s office and demanded a root canal. (The dentist had treated the woman before.) The dentist told her that he couldn’t perform the root canal himself and recommended that she see a specialist. The woman, 45, was “unsatisfied with this and only wanted the pain to stop and demanded that her dentist perform the procedure,” a cop noted. Once again, the dentist explained that he could not perform the root canal. The woman alledgedly retrieved an aluminum bat from her car and threatened the dentist with it. She reportedly tried to hit the dentist with the bat, but he grabbed it to prevent being struck.

Finally, the woman stormed away. As a parting gesture, she swung her bat at his office wall, leaving a hole.

Once the woman exited the office, the dentist’s assistant locked the front door to prevent the woman from returning. “There is video surveillance in the dentist office lobby, which should capture [the woman] entering and exiting the office with a bat,” the reporting officer noted. “During my investigation, I was wearing a body camera and utilized the camera function on the video recorder to take pictures of the damage.”

Danger kissy

In Castleberry Hill, cops received a call about trouble at a seafood restaurant. The manager said a drunken woman smashed the restaurant’s front entrance. According to witnesses, the woman was walking along Peters Street when she started dancing on the sidewalk. The woman then attempted to kiss another lady standing outside the restaurant. As she leaned in for the kiss, the drunken woman lost her footing and fell backward into the restaurant’s front entrance window, cutting herself on the glass.

Cops noted the “extremely intoxicated” woman had cuts on “several parts of her body.” She was charged with damaging private property. Medics took her to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Mood swing

In West End, a cop responded to a call about a 52-year-old woman causing a disturbance on Beecher Street. Several tenants of a rooming house said the unruly woman harassed them for nearly eight and a half hours, beginning at 5 a.m. The woman reportedly started yelling obscenities at children as they walked to school. Then the woman reportedly began banging on all the tenants’ doors, threatening to hurt them. Two tenants said they knew the unruly woman and were very scared. “They both advised that she must have taken narcotics, because her mood was completely different than it was yesterday,” the cop noted. Tenants said they tried to ignore her for hours, but she hung around all day so they called police.

When the cop arrested the woman and charged her with disorderly conduct, she unleashed even more fury. “She began calling me a bitch and repeatedly yelling that her daughter has a master’s in criminal justice from Clark Atlanta and that she is friends with a ‘lieutenant colonel’ who will both get me fired,” the cop noted. Once inside the patrol car, “she would whisper and then start randomly yelling and continued moving around the back seat.” The woman went to jail.

New car nonsense

In Mozley Park, a 35-year-old woman drove her brand-new SUV to a convenience store. She stepped out of her SUV and left the engine running while she went inside the store. The woman said a strange couple approached her, acting like they wanted to ask her a question. Then the couple sprinted to the woman’s new SUV, hopped in, and drove away. The man had a cross tattoo between his eyes, teardrop tattoos on his cheeks, and wore all black clothing. The female wore a black coat and had shoulder-length brown hair.

The car-thief couple perhaps found a little surprise in the woman’s car — a black handgun she kept tucked in the center console. Cops reported her new car as stolen.

Stupid drinking spot

A cop spotted a suspicious woman as he drove to work. The 39-year-old female was near the Zone 4 Police Precinct on Cascade Road. “The female was sitting at the bottom of the hill, but not posing a threat to anyone or herself ... so I continued on into the precinct for roll call,” the cop noted.

Later, the same officer left the precinct, responding to his first call of the day. “I noticed the suspicious woman again, this time walking up the hill toward the precinct where our vehicles are parked,” he noted. The cop stopped and tried to conduct a “simple interview” with the woman. “She refused to stop and talk with me ... as I tried to get her first and last name,” the cop noted. “I then noticed that she was trying to hide a 22-ounce can of Miller High Life that [she] had been drinking. I asked her why she was drinking in public, especially near a police precinct.” For some reason, this comment broke the woman’s silence. The woman replied that drinking in public is perfectly legal. “I asked her to please place her beer on the ground and that’s when she attempted to flee,” the cop noted. He quickly caught the woman and took her to jail.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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