The Blotter: Sexting drama

A local 21-year-old woman flipped out when she found "naked photos of another woman" on her boyfriend's cellphone. She went to the bathroom, shut the door, and dialed the other woman's phone number. Agitated, the boyfriend kicked in the bathroom door. The woman called police and said her boyfriend stormed into the bathroom and slapped her, causing her to drop his cellphone into the toilet. Also, she said her boyfriend threatened to shoot her.

A cop arrived and talked to the woman's sisters, who witnessed the argument. After speaking with the sisters, the cop determined that the boyfriend never slapped his girlfriend or threatened to shoot anyone. The cop interviewed the boyfriend, who was sitting on the couch in the living room. Just to make sure, the cop "conducted a cursory search ... to see if a weapon was in, or under, the couch." No gun turned up. However, "upon looking under the couch, where the suspect was sitting, I found a clear plastic wrapper that contained suspected marijuana," the cop noted. The boyfriend was charged with marijuana possession.

Random techno-sleaze

A 34-year-old woman posted fliers of her missing dog near East Atlanta. (The fliers included the woman's phone number.) Weeks later, the woman started receiving obscene phone calls and texts. One caller said he was inquiring about a Craigslist ad and provided her with a link. The woman checked the link and, according to the police report, found "a photo of a white female with blonde hair, dressed in lingerie." (The blonde in the cheeky photo was not the East Atlanta woman.) Weeks later, the woman's phone started buzzing again. "She did a search on Craigslist and found another ad with a photo of a black female in lingerie, offering sex services and her phone number," a cop noted. (Again, the sassy photo was of a stranger.) The woman took screen shots of both ads and asked Craigslist to remove them. The reporting officer noted: "She is not aware of anyone in her personal life" who would want to post her phone number on fake Craigslist sex ads.

Headed for trouble

A cop "noticed a male riding [a] motor-scooter with no helmet on" near Lionel Hampton Park. The cop pulled directly behind the scooter and prepared to make a traffic stop on Willis Mill Road. "As I activated my emergency equipment, he hit his brake and the gravel on the ground made the scooter lose control, which caused him to fall on his right wrist and possibly break it," the cop noted. "It also caused several scratches on his legs and arms." The cop lifted the injured man onto his patrol car and called medics. The cop also called his boss — a police lieutenant — to help document the scene.

The 22-year-old scooter guy refused to go to a hospital despite his broken wrist. Medics urged him, saying he really needed to see a doctor. No dice. So medics wrapped up his wrist and suggested what kind of medicine to take until he received more treatment. Then the cop handed scooter guy a ticket. "The male was then cited ... for not wearing a helmet," the cop wrote. Adding insult to injury, scooter guy was only a half-mile from his home.

Just blending in

In Little Five Points, a colorful trio walked into a shoe store, swiped some Dr. Martens, and escaped in a gold getaway car. According to the police report, one suspect wore "rainbow leggings, a jacket tied around his waste [sic] and a T-shirt." The second guy had "multiple tattoos on his face, one being possibly a 'CD.'" The third suspect was a "kinda heavyset" woman "carrying a rainbow bag." One guy distracted employees as the other two rushed out the front door. Moments later, the manager found an empty box and realized the trio had pilfered a pair of tan Dr. Marten Aimilie boots (worth $150 a pair). Store employees chased the trio down Moreland Avenue until the merry thieves hopped into their gold car.

Theory of relativity

Someone wrote "I suck dick" and drew a "large penis" on a woman's new black car. Also, deep scratches were cut into her car's hood and doors. The woman said she'd last parked her car outside her West End apartment. The next morning she discovered the penis drawing and message. A cop asked the woman about possible suspects. She's "not absolutely positive but she has a feeling that her brother could have done the damage to her vehicle," the cop noted. The woman, 48, said she and her younger brother, 46, got into a dispute a few weeks ago.

Problem pants

Outside a Downtown nightclub, a cop was clearing a "very large crowd" on Courtland Street. An 18-year-old Lithonia man was blocking traffic, saying he was trying to find his friend. The cop ordered the man to call his friend later and vacate immediately. According to the police report, the man did not move. The cop told the man that if he didn't move, he'd go to jail. "Again, he did not move," the cop noted. So the cop pulled out handcuffs. The 18-year-old bolted down the street and the cop sprinted after him. The chase quickly ended when the teen "tripped due to 'sagging' his pants," the cop wrote, adding, "During the [chase] and scuffle, my pants were torn and I sustained a small scrape to my left knee."

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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