The Blotter August 07 2003

A 33-year-old woman left her water bottle in her car while she jogged near Peachtree Battle Avenue. When she returned to her car, there was a note on the windshield from a man, indicating that he had ejaculated into her water bottle. She said she didn't see anyone with her water bottle, but she saw a middle-aged man parked nearby in a dark-colored SUV. The note was turned in as evidence.

A man was walking to a friend's house near the intersection of Fair Street and Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard. A young woman in a flowered dress — whom he'd never met before — asked him to help her find an eyelash on the street. After looking for the eyelash, the woman told the man to come up to her porch. He agreed. Once on the porch, the woman closed the door, pulled out a knife and told him to give it up. The man handed over $40 before backing out the door and calling police. The man was driven back to the Georgia World Congress Center, where he was working before the theft occurred.

An officer was called to Conley Road to settle an ongoing dispute between two women. The women have battled for three years over a man. The same man told each woman that she is his fiancee, and that he plans to marry her. The first woman, a 46-year-old redhead, said the second woman phoned her at work, cursed at her, called her a bitch, and asked to speak to her manager. The second woman, a 40-year-old with brown hair, said she did call the work number, but only to talk to the man, her "fiance." The first time she called, all she heard was the phone hitting the counter and then the call was disconnected. So she called back to check on the welfare of her "fiance." He answered the phone and told her not to call back there. Police advised both women to take out warrants on each other, and gave them both trespassing warnings.

A man said he has a Bible study building in the rear of his house on Pollard Drive. The man, age 64, said someone broke into the Bible study building and took a pair of Yamaha speakers, worth $700. He said he has a wired fence and locked gate in his back yard. The man suspects a thin, bald guy who'd asked about doing some work for him earlier that day.

A 29-year-old man called police and said he had argued with a woman, whom he formerly dated for several years. The woman said she thought it was disrespectful for him to have another woman call her house on Mt. Zion Road. He said they weren't together anymore, and it shouldn't bother her. She said everyone in the house was trying to calm them down, because they were having a good time prior to this fracas. The 29-year-old man said she needed to let it go. Then, he walked outside and threw a huge stone through the windshield of a Ford Crown Victoria, which belonged to a young man who was visiting the house. People tried to calm the 29-year-old, who then tossed another stone through the woman's front door. He went back to the house and started fighting the woman. During the struggle, they both suffered cuts from broken glass.

A 29-year-old woman on Belmonte Drive said a man she knows is calling and harassing her. He left a message stating that he wants the 29-year-old to get his wife to call him. The man also said he was left in a pool of blood and he is coming to get them. The 29-year-old said the man is an intense drug user.

One afternoon, a middle-aged man approached several officers standing on Upper Alabama Avenue. He had gold teeth and wore a blue shirt, blue shorts and a blue hat. The man said he was going to go to one officer's beat and drink a beer. An officer pointed out that if he did that, the man would be quickly arrested for drinking beer in public. "Shut the fuck up," the man said. He was arrested for "use of fighting words."

One night in Buckhead, a woman with strawberry-blond hair picked up a man. They had never met before. The man, age 28, said the woman drove him to an ATM on Peachtree Road, where he made a withdrawal. Then, she drove him home. The man believes that his wallet either fell out in her car or she picked his pockets. The next morning, he realized that $1,200 was missing from his account.

An officer got a call about public indecency at the intersection of Piedmont Road and Miami Circle. When the officer arrived, he saw a 39-year-old man "totally nude, genitals exposed in public view, sitting on the sidewalk." He went to jail.

At a convenience store on Boulevard, an officer saw a 71-year-old man with missing teeth and camouflage pants walk to the rear of the store. The officer reported that he saw the man unbutton his pants "and expose his penis within public view and excrete a yellowish liquid from his body. [The man] then noticed me standing there and attempted to play it off." The 71-year-old, who was tipsy, went to jail for urinating in public.

At a gas station on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, an officer saw a 61-year-old man staggering out of a car. As the man walked to the gas station, he looked puzzled. Then, he headed back to his car. Then, the man stumbled and fell, hitting his head on a concrete wall. The officer ran to help him. The man refused the officer's help, cursing and calling him names. The officer asked if he was going to drive home. "Hell, yeah. So what?" the man said. The officer took his license, to stop him from driving. The man threw a punch at the officer, but missed. He was arrested for DUI, among several other charges.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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