The Blotter October 28 2004

Police, an ambulance and a fire truck were sent to deal with a suspicious childbirth on Eloise Court. Medics wrapped up the baby and put the woman on a stretcher. They said as far as they could tell both the baby and the young lady were fine, the officer wrote.

A few minutes later, a medic said that the story the woman was telling was not lining up with what they were observing. The medics weren't convinced that she had actually just given birth to the baby. The woman, age 28, said she had the baby 10 minutes before medics showed up. (However, there was no evidence of childbirth in the house.) The woman also said she hadn't known she was pregnant. Plus, the woman had no idea who had cut the umbilical cord.

The woman was taken to Grady Hospital for observation. There, the woman refused to let a doctor examine her — so the doctor couldn't positively say if she had given birth to a baby or not. The investigation continues.

At Peachtree Place and Spring Street, two officers saw a 33-year-old man grabbing his crotch and flagging down cars. The officers stopped the man and told him he was under arrest for "pedestrian soliciting rides." They handcuffed the man.

The man cussed and said he would put his 11 inches of cock in the officers' asses. The man also said he would sodomize one officer and make him braid his hair.

The man appeared to be extremely drunk. He went to jail.

A 41-year-old woman says her husband is following her and making harassing phone calls. The woman says she is married to the man, but it is a false marriage because he is married to another woman.

She described her "husband" as having freckles and overlapping teeth. Also, the husband has tattoos of an Indian, a wolf and a Rebel flag.

Around 1:30 in the afternoon, two officers were patrolling Dearwood Avenue in an unmarked car. They saw a bearded man having sex with a woman on the front of a Ford Explorer. The man had "his pants down to just above his knees behind (the woman), who had her pants down to just above her knees and was bent over at the waist." The man, age 40, said the Ford Explorer belonged to him. Police searched the Explorer and found a bag of cocaine and a knife. Both the man and woman went to jail.

On Ponce de Leon Place, a "he said/she said" story unfolded. The girlfriend's story: She came home and caught her boyfriend receiving oral sex from another woman. So she demanded that her boyfriend give her the money he owes her. She said she refused to leave without the money, so the boyfriend slapped her across the face and threw her onto a couch. (The girlfriend is 48 years old with missing teeth.)

The boyfriend's story: He admitted that his girlfriend caught him getting a blowjob from another woman. Then, he says, the girlfriend got mad when he suggested that she join in on the sexual acts. The girlfriend pushed and hit him, so he pushed her onto a couch.

The boyfriend had no signs of injury. The girlfriend had a small red mark on her face. So police took the boyfriend to jail for "acting violent with another."

Three police officers were preparing to escort the Houston Astros baseball team to the airport. An unidentified man approached the officers and tried to hand them a $100 bill. The officers said they couldn't accept the money. The man laid the $100 bill on a bike seat and then got onto a team bus.

The officers filed a report and the $100 was turned in to the property department.

One morning around 7:45, a man was screaming in the parking lot of an apartment complex on Springdale Drive. When a police officer arrived, the man screamed, "Lock me the fuck up!" The man kept screaming and waking up other residents in the complex. First, the officer told the man to calm down. That didn't work. Then the officer told the man he was under arrest. The man stopped screaming. "He immediately calmed down and cooperated, but refused to give a name" or other information, the officer wrote.

The man said he wanted to be arrested at that particular address so that he could cause his ex-wife to be kicked out of her apartment.

A 65-year-old man came to the Zone 3 precinct and said his live-in girlfriend asked him for money to buy crack. In the past, the man has bought crack for his live-in girlfriend. But this time, he refused to buy drugs. So the girlfriend picked up a soda crate and hit him over the head, causing a serious injury. The man had to get 10 staples in his head. So he wanted a police report filed, and his girlfriend arrested.

Also, the man said his girlfriend's drug of choice is crack and his drug of choice is marijuana.

On Bolton Road, a 42-year-old man said his live-in girlfriend caught him having sex with another woman in their bedroom. So the girlfriend picked up a metal cross and hit him in the back of the head.

When police arrived, the live-in girlfriend had fled and the boyfriend was bleeding profusely. He went to Grady Memorial Hospital.

An airport employee at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport spotted a man on an empty plane. The employee knew the man was not supposed to be on the aircraft. So the employee entered the plane, where he found the man drinking a soda.

Turns out, the man is a custodial employee and his duties are limited to custodial duties on the concourse and runways. He is not authorized to enter planes.

Police were called and the man gave several versions of how he was able to board the plane. He admitted he had helped himself to sodas from the planes before.

No charges filed.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.

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