The Blotter January 27 2005

An officer saw a middle-aged man walking and drinking a Steel Reserve beer on I-20 West. The officer asked, "Sir, what are you doing?" The man said, "I'm just walking and drinking my beer. I'm going to the next exit."

The officer took the man to Memorial Drive, to wait for a paddy wagon. During the wait, the man said, "I am wanted in Mississippi for aggravated sodomy on a police dog."

The officer decided the man's claim was worth a little fact-checking. He ran a computer check, but couldn't confirm a warrant out of Mississippi.

The man was jailed for walking on the expressway and public drinking.

A man said his 35-year-old wife invited him over to a friend's house to have sex. After they finished having sex, the wife said that was what she wanted him for and now he could leave. So, the man started to leave. But the wife got mad and followed him to his car. Then, the wife hit his car with a license plate. When he tried to stop her, she hit his right arm. The wife fled before police arrived. Both the car and the man suffered minor damage.

A woman got frustrated and angry about a crowd of protesters that gathers regularly near her apartment complex on Peachtree Street. (The protesters picket and chant at a location across the street.) So one day, the woman walked across the street and dropped a closed bag of dog poop into the crowd of protesters. One protester said he was hit by the bag of dog poop. The woman, age 21, was ticketed for disorderly conduct.

Police got a call about a woman setting her clothes on fire on Douglas Street. When officers showed up, the woman had pulled everything out of her car and put it in the street. Apparently, she was cooking food on the sidewalk. After a little research, police figured out that she was a missing person out of Vance County, Md. She had been traveling around and living out of her car. The woman, age 39, didn't know any of her relatives' names or phone numbers. Due to her mental state, police took her to Grady Memorial Hospital. There were jugs of change inside the woman's car, which was impounded. Police took the jugs of change to the property room.

At a drive-thru restaurant on Moreland Avenue, a woman drove up and ordered food. Over the intercom, the fast-food employee asked, "Would you like anything else?" That question agitated the woman. She drove past the drive-thru window and parked. The woman walked inside the restaurant, grabbed an aluminum straw holder, and slung it at the employee. The straw holder hit the employee's face. The woman fled.

A woman said someone stole a $550 bicycle from the garage of her home on Sherwood Road. The day before the theft, the woman had received a threatening message on voicemail. It said if they didn't pay a million dollars, someone would kill them. The message did not refer to her family by name, just said they would be killed.

A father on Landrum Drive said his 18-year-old daughter threw a bottle of lotion at him. The father retaliated by throwing a bottle of hot sauce at his daughter and pushing her away. Police arrived. The daughter got a ticket, and Dad went to jail.

A man with tattoos covering his chest walked into a store on Bankhead Highway and put three cans of Vienna sausages in his pants. The store clerk locked the front door and confronted the man about the Vienna sausages. "I ain't got shit," the man said. "Every time I come in here, I'm gonna get you."The clerk demanded that he return the Vienna sausages and leave the store. Reaching in his pants, the man said, "I'm gonna shoot you and blow your head off." The clerk was afraid of being shot, so he opened the door.

Police found the man in a nearby parking lot. The officer found one can of Vienna sausages on him, along with seven baggies of crack.

A Smyrna man contacted police and said that he let a stranger to borrow his girlfriend's car. But the stranger never returned with the car (a dark blue Honda station wagon). The officer said the only person who can report the car as stolen is the car's owner (i.e. the girlfriend).

So the officer called the girlfriend. "Lock him up," the girlfriend said, adding that she let her boyfriend use her car to drop off their child, but the boyfriend never showed up after that. She had already reported the car stolen to the Smyrna Police Department.

Then, the boyfriend's story changed. He said he sold his girlfriend's car for 30 hits of crack, consumed the crack and fell asleep. He woke up the next day and reported the car as stolen. The boyfriend was turned over to Smyrna police.

On Maynard Court, a woman was in tears. She said she didn't need police and asked officers to leave. The officer asked if she was alone. "He's in there," she mouthed. Police spoke with the woman's boyfriend, who had a bloody hand. He said he and his girlfriend had a verbal fight, and his hand was injured when he punched a framed certificate after she refused to hang it up. The woman said her boyfriend was up all night drinking beer and sniffing cocaine. She said when he comes down off his high, he likes to have sex to calm down. So he stripped naked and asked her for sex. When she refused, he accused her of sleeping around. After a few more turn-downs, he took a leather belt and looped it around her neck and choked her until she agreed to sex, she said. After the boyfriend ejaculated, he gave her a "My True Love" framed certificate. When she refused to hang up the certificate, he was offended and punched the frame.

Medics arrived and found no injury on the woman's neck. She repeatedly refused to go to the hospital, or to have a rape kit completed. The boyfriend was charged with battery. He has a dragon tattoo on one arm, and a wizard tattoo on the other arm.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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