The Blotter April 20 2005

AN ARGUMENT ABOUT THE COST OF HOT DOGS broke out at a convenience store on Moreland Avenue. When police arrived, a crowd of about 20 people were outside the store, screaming at the clerk.

According to the clerk, one woman screamed profanities at him and reached through a window and poked his head. Then, the woman tried to throw her cell phone at him. The woman, age 21, said she did those things because she was upset. The woman, who smelled of booze, went to jail for acting violent with another.

The hot dog fracas resulted in no injuries.

A POLICE STRIKE TEAM performed a search warrant at an apartment on Trinity Avenue. According to the police report, "Upon entry, 37 males were found throughout the location, most wearing only a towel or underwear, engaged in sexual acts ranging from mutual or self-masturbation to sodomy." On the main floor, there was a makeshift bar stocked with various bottles of liquor and beer. There was another bar in the basement. Both bars featured boxes of condoms, plus there were jars of condoms throughout the apartment. "Used condoms were found scattered on the floor everywhere," the officer wrote. Several sexually graphic flyers promoting the location were near the entrance. According to several patrons, the man who lived there charged $13 per person to come inside. Then, patrons were told to remove their clothes and given a towel to wear. Then, patrons were free to roam the premises and engage in various sex acts with other people. Alcoholic beverages were provided. "The club operated on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from midnight until 10 a.m.," the officer wrote. Each patron wore a wristband with a number, which corresponded with a bag containing their clothes.

Police confiscated three bottles of gin, two bottles of vodka, one bottle of Bacardi rum, 81 bottles of beer, and one bottle of brandy. Police also confiscated eight boxes of condoms and two rubber dildos.

The 35-year-old man who lived there was charged with pimping and keeping a place of prostitution.

ON SYLVAN CIRCLE, a 55-year-old man contacted police and said he paid a woman who lives down the road $10 for sex. After they had sex in his apartment, the man went to the bathroom to wash up. When he returned, the woman was gone — along with four of his money orders. The man had planned to pay his rent and several bills with the money orders. He doesn't know the woman's last name. While the man paid $10 for sex, the total cost of the missing money orders is $560.

AROUND 8 A.M., a woman flagged down a police officer. She said a man known as "King of the Jews" stole her cell phone while she was at a friend's apartment on Honeysuckle Lane. She said the theft occurred between 3-4 a.m. She said King of the Jews was put in jail around 5 a.m. (The police report did not indicate why he was jailed.)

AN OFFICER WAS ON DUTY at the ground transportation center at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The officer noticed that a taxi-cab driver was improperly dressed. (The cab driver wore khaki pants and a yellow and brown striped shirt.) The officer noted, "When he got out of the vehicle, that's when I noticed his shirttail hanging outside his pants." The cab driver received a ticket for violating the dress code.

ONE MORNING, an officer saw a man walking on the McDaniel Street overpass on I-20. The officer stopped the man and asked for identification. The man produced an orange ribbon. The officer asked, "What's this ribbon for?" The man replied, "This is the word of God, this is my ID." So the man was arrested. En route to the police precinct, the man called the officer a racist. At the precinct, the man kept spitting on the floor. The man said the officer worshiped Hitler and hated people of his color. And, the man said, when he got the officer's badge number and name, he's going to give it to all the groups he knows, so they could kill the officer. The man, age 41, was jailed for pedestrian violations and using fighting words.

A CASHIER at a grocery store on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway said a man walked in and spit on another cashier. The man was escorted from the store and told to stay away. About an hour later, the man was back. He walked into the store and grabbed some chicken and ice cream. The cashier asked, "Why are you back in the store?" The man threw the chicken and ice cream at the cashier. Then, the man tried to punch and spit on the cashier. Two cashiers wrestled the man to the ground and held him until police arrived. The man, age 30, went to jail for simple battery.

A 67-YEAR-OLD MOTHER prepared a dinner meal for her adult son. When the mother delivered the meal, the son knocked it out of her hand. "I don't want this nasty food," said the son, age 38. Then, he pushed his mother into a wall. According to the mother, her son had a pair of scissors in his hand, but he didn't threaten her with them. The mother grabbed the scissors from her son and ran into her bedroom. The son kicked the door and said, "I'm gonna hurt everyone in this house when you go to sleep." The mother called police. An officer arrived and asked the son what was going on. "She is crazy and you need to get out of my house," the son said. The son went to jail for simple battery.

Mother and son live together in an apartment on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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