The Blotter June 02 2005

A 19-YEAR-OLD was buying something to eat in the atrium of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Another man approached him. This man said he was new to the United States and needed some help. He asked the California man to hold a small bag containing $8,000 for him because he was afraid of losing it. The California man agreed to hold the bag of money. As collateral, he gave the man his iPod to hold until the man returned. Then, the man walked away.

The California man waited 15-20 minutes. The man didn't come back. The California man got suspicious and opened the bag: It contained a small roll of newspaper bound with a rubber band to resemble a wad of cash.

The California man also checked his own wallet - empty. The California man said he thought the man pickpocketed him of $50 - and walked away with his iPod, worth $400.

A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN bought a rabbit vibrator (worth $80) at adult store on Roswell Road. She paid with an "American Express Gift Cheque" that was worth $100. The cashier gave her $20 back. A few days later, the store tried to cash the American Express Gift Cheque. It was a counterfeit.

ON IRWIN STREET, a 41-year-old man called police and reported his car stolen (a 1997 black Oldsmobile). On the first call, the 41-year-old man said some unknown man contacted him and was going to return the car. Several hours later, the 41-year-old called police again - with a different story. He said he was asleep at home and when he woke up, his keys and car were gone. An officer confronted the man about changing his story. Tell me what really happened, the officer said. The man said he rented his car to a man called "Swallow" for $5. He doesn't know Swallow's real name.

A BUCKHEAD MAN said another man contacted him about an investment deal. This other man said he was an attorney/accountant, who was authorized to sell stock in a corporation that was building an energy plant in Jamaica. The man provided credentials and records purporting that he was an attorney/accountant. Also, the man provided referrals from professional athletes. This man convinced the Buckhead man to invest $250,000 in the deal. The two men met at a hotel on Peachtree Road, where the Buckhead man gave him a check for $75,000 as a down payment on the investment. The other man expressed concern about how long it would take for the check to clear, so the Buckhead man agreed to wire transfer $75,000 to the man's bank account.

After the wire transfer, the other man left. The Buckhead man awaited further documentation on the investment - to no avail. Suspicious, he did some research and discovered that the man had misrepresented himself as an attorney and accountant.

The man never delivered the stock nor returned the $75,000 to the Buckhead man.

A 42-YEAR-OLD MAN walked into a police station on Cherokee Avenue. He was worried and scared that someone was going to kill him. The man asked to speak to officers of a specific ethnic race (Note: The man himself is not a member of this specific race). The man was sweating and acting paranoid. He said that all police officers of his own race were working with the man who is trying to kill him.

The man asked to be taken to a room where no one could hurt him or overhear his statement. One officer spoke with him in private. The man said he moved out of his wife's house a few weeks ago. He said he borrowed $1,600 from a man, who was now out to kill him. Then, the man said he borrowed $2,500. Then, he said he would be killed if he didn't pay $4,000 in interest. The man said he was on Jonesboro Road when another man threatened him with a gun and said, "I'm gonna kill your motherfuckin' ass. I gonna cut your throat." Also, the man said his uncle lives with the man who is trying to kill him.

The officer asked a few questions about the man's mental health, and offered to take him to a safe environment at Grady Memorial Hospital. The man said he would feel safer at the hospital, but the man would still find him and kill him.

Then, the man walked out of the precinct, refusing any police help.

A MAN WAS ARRESTED for robbing a house on Woodland Avenue. The man waived his rights to an attorney. A police sergeant drove the man around, and the man identified other houses he had robbed. One location was a house on Custer Avenue. The officer spoke with the man who lived there. He said a few weeks ago, someone stole one bottle of Grey Goose vodka and about $200-$400 in loose change. The 40-year-old man was charged with the theft.

A WOMAN WAS WALKING on Leila Lane. A man approached and started petting the dog. The man and woman argued, and the man hit her in the face and stole two cans of Coke from her. The woman told police that she and the man are not in a relationship, but they have two kids together.

All items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports and are public record.??

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