The Blotter July 07 2005

IN MIDTOWN, a middle-aged woman walked up to a police officer and said, "I was trying to warn this man about snakes falling from that tree. Jesus told me there are snakes in that tree. I was only trying to save his life." According to the woman, the man said something inaudible to her - but she did hear him say the word "pussy." She told the man, "I am a holy woman and will not be spoken to that way."

The officer talked to the man. He said the woman walked by several times, and stopped once to "warn me about snakes in the trees, you know, something about Jesus." The officer asked, "Did you say anything to her?" The man said, "I was just reading my book. No, I did not say anything to her. But she did come back again and said that if I didn't get off this wall, [the Atlanta Police Department] will get me off it."

The officer's partner said he'd had contact with this woman in the past, for mental health problems. The police officers filed a report. No one was arrested or taken to the hospital.

BAREFOOT AND WEARING OVERALLS, a middle-aged woman went to a McDonald's on Jesse Hill Jr. Drive. She caused a disturbance, and the manager tried to get her to leave. The woman jumped over the counter and slammed a bottle of perfume on the ground, while screaming, "Don't kill me! Don't shoot me!" All of the McDonald's employees fled the restaurant in fear. When police showed up, the barefoot woman had her hands wrapped around the neck of the McDonald's manager. Police tried to get her to leave, but the woman grabbed an officer by the neck. Police handcuffed the woman and took her to Grady Memorial Hospital's psychiatric ward.

The woman, age 44, had a crack pipe and a lighter in her possession, as well as a black Baby Phat purse.

A FLORIDA MAN stopped to dine at a chain restaurant in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. He ordered a salad and started eating. He said he bit an object, which appeared to be gauze or a white pad. Police filed a report and medics were dispatched to determine if the man needed medical attention.

ON SOUTH AVENUE, a 40-year-old man and his nephew argued over clothing. During the spat, the nephew choked the man, who started to black out and defecate in his pants. The nephew is described as having missing teeth and curly hair.
AROUND 3 A.M., an officer stopped a gold Chevy sedan for speeding on I-85. The driver, a 20-year-old man, had bloodshot eyes and his breath smelled of alcohol. The driver said he just left a club, where it was open-mic night, and he wasn't aware if he had anything to drink or not. He said he drank some type of concoction at the club, but was told that it didn't contain any alcohol.The officer arrested the man for DUI/less-safe driver and put him in the patrol car. The officer wrote, "When I removed him from my patrol car, I noticed he had urinated and defecated on himself ALOT!"

AT A HOTEL ON PEACHTREE STREET, an employee saw a man steal 45 rolls of toilet paper. A security guard chased the man into SunTrust Plaza and caught him. (In the past, this same man got a trespassing warning at the same hotel.) When police arrived, the man said he got the toilet paper from a nearby store, but he couldn't remember the store name. The man, age 37, was arrested for theft and trespassing. The 45 rolls of toilet paper were valued at $1 each.

AN OFFICER was sent to deal with a suicidal person on Sylvan Road. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a 41-year-old man, who was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The man said he wasn't having suicidal thoughts, but he needed to go to Grady Memorial Hospital's psychiatric ward to get some medication. The man's knees were bleeding. The man said he had peeled open some old wounds on his knees because he hadn't slept in about four days and was very tired. A computer check revealed that the man was wanted in Fulton County. The officer took him to jail instead of the hospital.

A STOCKY MAN ON ATLANTIC AVENUE said his landlord is entering his apartment without his permission. He said the landlord goes through his mail and uses his bathroom. The man said he is involved in a dispute with the landlord and he is afraid of what the landlord will do. Police filed a report.Items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports.

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