The Blotter July 14 2005

ON RALPH DAVID ABERNATHY BOULEVARD, several citizens saw a bearded man masturbating and stroking his penis. The bearded man was standing on the sidewalk and facing traffic while performing this act. The citizens called police. When an officer showed up, he questioned the bearded man. He said he likes to show his genitals in public because "it helps me with my algebra, it makes me feel good and helps other people feel good."

The bearded man, age 48, was jailed for public indecency.

A 25-YEAR-OLD MAN was working at his restaurant job on Howell Mill Road. He got a call on his cell phone from a woman. She said, "You are an enemy of our great nation of China. We will kill you and your practitioners in China if you don't give up what you are doing."
A 48-YEAR-OLD MAN CALLED POLICE and said another man tried to stab him in the heart earlier that week. An officer arrived to his location on Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard. The 48-year-old man said he never saw or spoke to the other man prior to the heart-stabbing threat. The 48-year-old man said he's had problems ever since the threat. His health is breaking down. He now has people following him. He believes the other man put a curse on him, and he wants police to make this man remove the curse.

He hasn't been able to eat right, or even sleep, because of the curse. He doesn't understand what he has done to be targeted in this conspiracy. Then, he said the conspiracy actually started when his job at the airport was taken away. Another curse kept him sick, and he could not show up for work.

He was supposed to bring a doctor's note before he could go back to work because he was missing too many days. The doctors would not see him or give him a note, and so he could never return to work.

The officer noted that the man is possibly a mental health patient. The officer wrote, "[The man] knows the date, time and location, and many current events in the news. [The man] is able to answer questions that do take some rational thought, but has convinced himself of a conspiracy theory and that he has been cursed. ... [The man] described that he knows the suspect is gone and may not be found, but just wants some advice on what to do about the curse." No charges filed.

A MAN WAS HIRED to do some yard work at a house on Stovall Boulevard. While using a weed-whacker on a flower bed, the man uncovered a grenade. The man notified the homeowner, who called 911. Police, firefighters and a SWAT team arrived. The grenade was X-rayed and declared to be inert. "There were no injuries to report and no speculation offered as to how the inert grenade ended up in the flower bed," the officer wrote.

AROUND 12:30 A.M., an officer was checking an abandoned vehicle on Buford Highway. A man with a Mohawk haircut walked by, on the shoulder of the highway. The officer asked the Mohawk man if his car had broken down. "I'm taking a shortcut home," the Mowhawk man said. The officer asked if he had any guns, drugs, knives, or anything that could hurt him. No, the man said. The officer frisked him and put him in the patrol car. The Mohawk man was carrying a handbag, which the officer inspected. There was a needle inside. The officer asked if the man was diabetic. "No," he replied. The officer asked what the needle was for. The man said he found the needle and kept it and he liked to "poke" himself.

The handbag also contained an electronic scale and a vibrator. When questioned about the scale, the Mohawk man said he likes to weigh things. He also said the handbag belonged to a friend. The Mohawk man was jailed for carrying drug-related objects and walking on the highway. The Mohawk man, age 28, hails from Marietta.

ON MAYSON TURNER DRIVE, an officer responded to a call about a burglary at an apartment building. When the officer arrived, he walked to the rear of the building and saw a man and woman having oral sex. The woman said she saw a gold pickup truck in front of the apartment building, with two or three suspects hanging around. Someone had kicked in the back door on two apartment units and stolen the stoves. The woman, age 45, has dreadlocks. The man, age 28, has a Fu Manchu beard.

AT AN APARTMENT COMPLEX on Allen Temple Court, a woman said her upstairs neighbor poured water on her. The woman's hair and shirt were wet. When police arrived, the neighbor was sitting on her balcony, with a gallon pitcher of water at her feet. She admitted to pouring water over her balcony, but did not admit to pouring it on the neighbor. Then, she used some "fighting words." The apartment manager said there have been other water-pouring incidents. The upstairs neighbor, age 32, was charged with acting violently with another.

Items in The Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports.??

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