The Blotter September 02 2009

ADDING FUEL TO THE FIRE: At a gas station on Moreland Avenue, a 31-year-old woman called police after she used a fuel pump. An officer arrived to deal with the dispute. “[The woman] stated when she went to pull the nozzle from her gas tank, she sprayed herself, the parking lot and her vehicle with fuel,” the officer wrote. “[She] stated that she feels she should not pay for the fuel that was not placed in her tank.” The woman said she talked to an employee at the gas station. “She informed me that she asked the employee to remove the wasted fuel from her total charge.” The employee said no. The woman asked to talk to the manager. Again, the employee said no. According to the woman, the employee told her, “You are not smart enough to work the pump.”
     The woman insisted on filing a police report. No charges filed.

HEAVY LOAD: A woman told police a guy known as “Fat Man” gave her two cell phones a few weeks ago. (One phone is pink; the other is black.) She said a week later, a caller rang one cell phone and warned her that both cell phones were stolen property. Also, the woman said Fat Man called her and said the Cobb County police came to his home, inquiring about the cell phones. Apparently, Fat Man told her a specific Cobb County detective was investigating the case. An Atlanta police officer called the detective, and “he confirmed that the cell phones were stolen and that he is investigating the case.” The detective said he would meet with the Atlanta officer to pick up the stolen cell phones. According to the police report, the woman initially said Fat Man lives in her apartment complex on LaDawn Lane, but he was away at college (Alabama A&M).

MEET OFFICER SPELLGOOD: At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, a 19-year-od man walked into the airport police precinct to report his money missing. “[The man] stated that when he went thought [sic] the security check point (main) he placed all of his things in a ben [sic] and placed the ben on the belt,” the officer wrote. “When he reached the other side of the X-Ray Machine, the clip with his money was missing from the ben. [The man] stated that the other items he placed in the ben was still in the ben.”
The man said his money clip contained $18.

STUPID MOVE OF THE WEEK: A 57-year-old man said he rented a 2008 Kia Spectra and gave it to a woman known only as “Ann” — so she could travel to Mississippi. The man said Ann hasn’t returned with the car and he hasn’t been able to get in touch with her because his cell phone is not working.

TOUGH LESSON: A 21-year-old Morehouse College student said he’s lived at an apartment on Commerce Drive since August 2008. He said he went home for the summer in May 2009 and returned June 3 for traffic court — and he checked on his apartment and all was well. He said he locked the door and turned on the alarm. “Sometime in June, the leasing office called and stated that he had some movies that were overdue and needed to be returned,” an officer wrote. “[The man] gave them permission to enter his apartment and he left the movies on his kitchen counter.” When the 21-year-old returned to his apartment at the end of summer, he said his door was unlocked and his two flat-screen TVs were missing. “There were absolutely no signs of forced entry,” the officer wrote.
     The leasing office said they verbally tell residents that management does not monitor the alarms. Both the man and his mother said they were told the leasing office does monitor alarms. However, the man got a letter on his door stating that an incident took place in June and the leasing office encouraged residents to get their alarms monitored, the officer wrote. The letter provided three security companies to help residents get started. The officer wrote, “I advised the community director that she may want to consider that to be part of the new resident package.”

INSIDE VOICE, PLEASE: A security guard said a man was taking loudly on his cell phone on the fourth floor of Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library. The security guard asked the man to stop using his cell phone because he was disturbing people. “He stated he did not have to get off his cell phone and that no one could make him get off,” a police officer wrote. The man was using a library computer when the police officer asked the man to come with him. “For what?” the man said in a loud voice. “I asked again if he could come with me,” the officer wrote. “Why? I’m not doing anything,” the man said in a loud voice. Eventually, the man went with the officer. He was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol, the officer noted. The officer asked what he had to drink today. “None of your business,” the man replied. The 36-year-old man was charged with disorderly conduct in a public place. He hails from Clarkston.  
HOW NOT TO IMPRESS THE BOSS: At an airport food-service company, a supervisor said she told a man he would not be able to work that day because he wasn’t dressed in the proper uniform. According to a witness, the man said, “This shit is fucked up!! These motherfuckers all taking food out of my little girl’s mouth. Somebody is going to take a hollow tip.” Apparently, the man left before police arrived.

FAKE OUT? An officer got a tip about possible counterfeit clothes sold at a store on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The officer visited the store, and got suspicious about some Major League Baseball caps that did not appear authentic. So the officer called two experts in recognizing counterfeit products and they visited the store. The experts said they recognized several counterfeit labels. Police seized $13,600 in alleged counterfeit jeans (alleged fake brands include Affliction, Christian Audigier, Red Monkey, Rocawear, and True Religion); $9,250 worth of alleged fake baseball caps; and $18,160 in shirts (alleged fake brands include Coogi, Ed Hardy, Lacoste, and Polo). Other alleged counterfeit items included two Coach wallets, 11 pairs of Gucci shoes, and 17 pairs of Timberland shoes.

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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