The Blotter November 04 2009

SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY: A 36-year-old man said he called a personal chat line while he was waiting for his cousin to pick him up from the Greyhound bus station. He said he talked with a woman he knows as “Little Florida” on the chat line — and Little Florida offered to give him a ride from the bus station if he gave her gas money. The man agreed. When Little Florida arrived, the man put all his personal belongings in her silver pickup truck and they drove away. The man said they stopped at a gas station on Northside Drive, and he went inside to pay for gas. He said while he was inside, Little Florida drove away with all his stuff. He says his stuff is worth $5,000 and Little Florida won’t return his calls.

SUNSHINE STATE STRIKES AGAIN: A passenger reported a Florida man talking strangely on a shuttle bus at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The man reportedly said this was the third time Delta had made him miss his flight and made him stay overnight in Atlanta and that someone needs to blow up the airport.
    A Delta Airlines employee called police, and an officer spoke with the 61-year-old man from Palm City, Fla. “I asked him if there was anything said on the shuttle bus on the way to the airport,” the officer wrote. “[The man] advised that he was mad because this was the third time Delta made him miss his flight. They made him stay in Atlanta costing him to pay for a hotel. He did say he wanted someone to blow up the airport, but he was mad and was not serious, he is just tired of Delta making him miss his flight and costing him more money. He said he was sorry and didn’t mean any harm. He will just never fly Delta and not fly through Atlanta anymore." No charges filed.

BLAME GAME: The mother of a former student allegedly called and threatened a teacher at a school on Ralph David Abernathy Road. According to the teacher, the mother was upset because she felt like the teacher didn’t do enough to help get her daughter into college. The teacher said the mother was irate and threatened to hurt her physically if she sees her at school. According to the teacher, the mother was yelling so loud through the phone that two other people in her office heard the threat.  

FAMILY TIES: An officer dealt with a mother-daughter smackdown on Saint Johns Avenue. The 37-year-old daughter said she was in the kitchen when her mother walked in and asked her to make something to eat. The daughter said she refused and her mother got mad. The daughter said during the argument, her mother grabbed her neck and started choking her. The daughter said she feared for her safety and so she was forced to strike her mother in the face.
    The 53-year-old mother said her daughter jumped on her first and she was forced to strike back to defend herself from further injuries. Both the mother and daughter had “visible scratches and bruises all around their faces,” the officer noted. Both mother and daughter were charged with simple assault/battery. No serious injuries reported.

19TH NERVOUS BREAKDOWN: A 56-year-old woman is accused of repeatedly trespassing at Grady Memorial Hospital. An officer spotted her in the atrium and ran a computer check. Apparently, the woman has a lengthy history of trespassing at the hospital. “[The woman] was given a warning for the first offense and since then she has been arrested 18 times for criminal trespass,” the officer noted. Her streak didn’t end there. She was arrested again — for her 19th charge of trespassing at Grady.

IN A NEW YORK MINUTE: A Manhattan woman said someone stole her bookbag while she was in a club on Pryor Street. She said she is a DJ and she was supposed to work that night at the club. Her bookbag reportedly contained her laptop, vinyl, Serato mixer, birth certificate, work ID, scratch needles and DJ cases (total value, $3,000). “The victim said she was texting on her cell phone, and while she was doing so, someone walked off with her bag.” No suspects.

STUPID MOVE OF THE WEEK: An officer said a 36-year-old woman flagged him down on Lenox Road. “I asked the female for her ID and how I could help her — she pulled out a wallet with several different IDs,” the officer wrote. The officer asked her why she had other people’s IDs. “[She] stated she was holding the IDs for friends.” So the officer radioed in an address on one ID and sent police to the address to see if anyone there knew the 36-year-old woman. Turns out, another woman at that address said her ID had been stolen in a car break-in. Back on Lenox Road, the officer promptly charged the 36-year-old woman with theft by receiving stolen property. It’s unclear why she flagged down the officer in the first place.  

DUMPSTER BLUES: A woman said an extremely drunk middle-aged man was swearing at kids in her apartment complex. She said she last saw the man drinking a beer and sitting down near a Dumpster. An officer wrote, “I went into the complex and found him near the Dumpster, laying [sic] with his back on the ground, screaming and yelling,” the officer wrote. “His speech was slurred and I could not understand what he was saying.” The 58-year-old man was charged with disorderly conduct while under the influence.
Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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