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The Blotter May 26 2011

A redneck rampage, Operation Summer Heat and more

On Stallings Avenue, a woman called police and said two young men were standing in their backyard with guns, shooting at animals. The officer pulled up and spotted the young men — both 19 — one of whom was holding a brown BB gun. When he asked why they were targeting small woodland creatures, both replied, “Because we can.” The officer explained that, in fact, they couldn’t shoot guns inside Atlanta city limits, and the men wondered aloud, “Well, then, why would they put squirrels on the box [of BBs]?” Both 19-year-olds went to jail on charges of shooting BB guns in the city.

COFFEE SHOP PIT STOP: Someone called police from a Starbucks on Howell Mill Road about a person who’d locked himself in the bathroom and refused to come out. The responding officer banged on the door a few times and asked the suspect to unlock it, but the person refused to come out. Then, the resourceful officer used a butter knife to jimmy the door open and found the suspect — a 49-year-old Doraville man — sitting on the bathroom floor, drinking a bottle of wine. He went to jail for reckless conduct.

FULL PLATE: A man walked into the Zone 2 precinct to file a police report concerning a stolen license plate. Oddly, the last time that he could say he remembered seeing the tag on his 1974 Porsche was on November 20, 2002. The man said the tag was removed because he was going to sell the car, but the deal fell through and the Porsche was never sold. The man said he then parked it in his garage — for eight years — before he decided to get the needed repairs done so it could be driven. This month, he went into his garage, looked around and realized the license plate was gone.

LEND ME YOUR EAR: On Garibaldi Street, a 30-year-old woman had a spat with her female neighbor, who lives next door in the same duplex. The woman said she was on her front porch when the neighbor stepped outside and started yelling at the kids playing in the park across the street. She said the neighbor got upset and accused the kids of stealing her marijuana cigarette. The woman said she told her neighbor to calm down and stop yelling — and the neighbor walked over, grabbed her hair and neck, and bit her ear. The neighbor also reportedly threw a cell phone and a chair.

The woman’s son told police he saw the neighbor jump on his mother and “eat her ear.” The officer knocked on the neighbor’s door for about 10 minutes with no reply, so a warrant was filed.

UP CLOSE WITH “OPERATION SUMMER HEAT”: In Midtown, a police investigator said he was working undercover at the intersection of Cypress and Eighth streets when a 23-year-old man approached his undercover car. The investigator said he told the man that “he was trying to get his dick sucked.” The young man allegedly said he’d charge a cool hundred bucks for a blowjob, and the investigator promptly arrested him for prostitution. (This was just one part of a six-day bust called “Operation Summer Heat.” About 60 people in Midtown were arrested on prostitution charges — mostly men.)

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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