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Topside blotter November 11 2000

A 52-YEAR-OLD Atlanta man and his wife were at their home on Tanglewood Trail when they noticed the man’s ex-wife watching them from the woods. The couple called the police. The police arrived and they spotted the woman hiding in the bushes.
When the ex-wife realized she had been discovered, she ran into a nearby ravine. The officers called after her and she eventually emerged from her hiding place claiming she was merely looking for her dog. ?
The officers later found a pair of binoculars in the bushes where the woman was hiding. The 52-year-old Atlanta woman told police she only wanted to speak to her ex-husband. ?
The officers arrested the woman and she resisted when they tried to handcuff her. She was subdued by the officers and placed in the back of a police car where she began to bang her head against the window. ?
The Atlanta man told police he had a court order to keep his ex-wife off his property. The woman was charged with aggravated stalking, obstruction and unlawful surveillance.
A 38-year-old Lawrenceville woman was at home when she saw a young man running around the neighborhood screaming and running into the side walls of houses. ?
She told police she saw the man run face-first into the side of a house, then get up and continue running and screaming. The witness also said the man was in the yard behind her house. ?
Police saw the suspect run out of the back yard and try to jump over a bush. He fell down, got up and began running again. The next time he was seen, he was lying face down in the grass on the lawn of a nearby house. ?
When approached, the suspect was incoherent and when asked what was wrong, he began mumbling and tried to get up and run away. He was handcuffed and put in the rear of the patrol car. He had scratches on his face, knees and wrists. He could not tell his name or where he lived.?
Witnesses said he had come over and was smoking some marijuana and then he just flipped out and began running around screaming. The suspect’s mother was contacted and he was released to her care. One of the witnesses said the marijuana may have been laced with something like “ice” or “drope.”
A 22-year-old Acworth man and a 22-year-old College Park man were arrested when they tried to sell 1,000 hits of ecstasy to a police officer in the parking lot of a department store on Roswell Road. ?
The officer also found a bag with cocaine residue and $1,315 on the two men. The pills actually were aspirin tablets. The men were charged with conspiracy to sell MDMA.
A man wearing a chef’s jacket walked into a convenience store on Holcomb Bridge Road and asked for a pack of cigarettes. The clerk asked for identification but the man said he forgot his driver’s license. ?
When the clerk refused to sell him the cigarettes, the man became angry. He began to swear at the clerk and argued that he was over age 30 and he came into the store all the time. ?
Then the man went to his car and got a gun. He pointed it at the clerk’s head and threatened to kill him before returning to his car and driving off.
A couple was arguing over money in their apartment on Roswell Road when the 30-year-old woman picked up the man’s clothes and tried to throw them outside. The woman hit the man several times before her 31-year-old boyfriend punched her in the face. ?
She went to the kitchen and returned with a large butcher knife. A witness got between the squabbling couple and managed to take the knife away, but the woman went to the kitchen and got another knife. She began to poke the man in the chest with the knife, telling him to get out. Then she cut him on the chin. ?
The man grabbed the knife from her and the police arrived. The man and woman were taken to Northside Hospital for their injuries.
Debra Warlick contributed to this report.

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