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Topside blotter December 09 2000

A 44-year old Atlanta man boarded a MARTA bus in an intoxicated state and began to accost fellow passengers. When the driver of the bus asked him to stop annoying the other passengers, the intoxicated man grabbed the driver in a violent manner.
The other passengers all escaped through the back door of the bus. The police were called and an officer arrived at the corner of Abernathy Street and Glenridge Drive.
Standing outside the bus, the officer told the man to release the driver, but the man refused. The officer then entered the bus.
The drunken man still refused to release the driver, so the officer forced him to release his grip on the driver. The cop made the offender get off the bus and lie on the ground.
The perpetrator was handcuffed with minor resistance and was charged with simple battery and public intoxication.
A 26-year-old Atlanta woman and her 30-year-old boyfriend were arguing because the woman wanted to go out with her cousin. The man became angry and told her she wasn’t going out, she was staying home with him and his son.
The woman’s boyfriend destroyed her makeup by putting glue in it and threw it across the apartment. Then he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her around the room.
The man suddenly became suspicious and demanded that his girlfriend take him to her cousin’s house. She refused and he threatened to beat her again.
The man put his 2-year-old son in the front seat of his car, locked the woman in the back seat and demanded to know where her cousin lived, but she still refused to tell him. Eventually, the woman’s mother called on her cell phone and the woman told her what was happening.
Fearing his girlfriend’s mother would call the police, the man took the woman and child back to their apartment and drove away.
A 33-year-old Norcross man was observed driving at a high rate of speed and weaving in and out of his lane from right to left. He was pulled over.
When the officer approached the car, the driver had rolled down his window and the officer was able to smell a strong odor of alcohol. When asked for his license and insurance, the man attempted to give the officer his work ID. He finally produced a Georgia driver’s license.
The man’s eyes were red and bloodshot. He told the officer he had one beer about 20 minutes before being pulled over.
The officer had the driver step out of the car to conduct a field sobriety test. Once out of the car, the driver began to stagger and sway. He did a Karate Kid stance on two occasions and fell to the ground. The driver was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.
The man gave consent to have the car searched. When the officer looked into the car, he saw a chrome gun in a black holster, in plain view. The offender said it was not his gun.
Later on, the suspect began yelling at the officer and would not get into the vehicle. He eventually got in and his hair was so greasy that the officer’s hands slipped off his head as he was assisting him into the car. The suspect’s wife came to drive the car home. When asked to whom the gun belonged, she said it was her husband’s. He was taken to jail.
A 30-year-old Atlanta man knocked on his neighbor’s apartment door to complain that the resident’s music was too loud.
The man returned to his apartment and minutes later heard a knock on his door. He opened the door and the next- door neighbor stuck a gun to the man’s head and said, “Come to my house again and I will kill you!”
The man slammed the door and locked it. The neighbor repeatedly kicked the door and screamed that he was going to kill the man. Police were called and an officer arrived on the scene and noticed footprints all over the man’s front door.
The officer heard the neighbor’s door open behind him. He turned around and saw the neighbor standing in the doorway with a gun in his hand. The officer drew his weapon and told the man to drop his gun. The man just stood there and asked, “What do you want with me?” The officer again demanded that he drop his gun.
The man complied and was arrested.
Debra Warlick contributed to this report.

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