Topside Blotter March 28 2001

Police responded to the burglar alarm of a deli on Roswell Road.

When the officers arrived they saw that someone had thrown a patio chair through the window of the deli. Then they heard a loud crash coming from an adjacent store.

The police investigated and saw a man climb on the roof of the building. The man was irate and threatened to kill the officers if they came near him.

The police called a fire truck to help them get on the roof. Three officers searched the roof for the man.

They cornered him and he picked up a pipe and swung wildly at the officers before jumping off the roof. Then the man run to a nearby apartment complex. He climbed up the terraces of the apartments and threw a treadmill through the sliding glass door of one of the apartments and walked inside.

The police followed him into the apartment and a struggle ensued.

The man grabbed one of the officer's groin and said that he wouldn't let go until the officer shot him in the head. The 27-year-old man from Calhoun was eventually subdued and was arrested on two counts of criminal damage to property, aggravated assault on an officer, simple battery of an officer and reckless conduct.

He told police that he had been drinking at a bar on Roswell Road and took a hit of ecstasy. He also explained that some men were chasing him with machine guns and that's why he broke into the deli.

A 53-year-old Atlanta woman was arrested for DUI in Cobb County.

The woman's husband was on his way to get her out of jail when she decided to bail herself out.

She then went home and attempted suicide by slitting her throat and wrist with a razor blade. Then she called her husband and told him what she had done, and that her wrist was, "dangling."

The man called his son who rushed over and found his mother covered in blood. The woman was taken to the hospital.

The police reported that the cuts to the woman's throat were minor but her hand would require surgery.

A 24-year-old Atlanta man and his girlfriend were walking through the parking lot of an apartment complex on Roswell Road when they saw a man drive up in his car.

The man exited the vehicle and began to urinate in front of the couple. The Atlanta man told him to urinate in his apartment, not in the parking lot and this seemed to anger him.

Words were exchanged and the man went and got a shotgun and pointed it at the Atlanta man. Then the Atlanta man got his gun as well. He grabbed a pistol from his car and retreated to his apartment and told the man to drop the shotgun.

There was a standoff and the Atlanta man later upgraded his firepower to a rifle that his girlfriend brought him.

The police arrived and the assailant, a 21-year-old Atlanta man, was arrested for pointing a gun at another.

A 64-year-old Atlanta man was in the back yard of his house on Kenbrook Drive when he saw two men doing something near the creek in the woods. When the man investigated he saw a tarp covering two backpacks and a trunk.

The man thought that a homeless person was living in his back yard, but he then noticed that the trunk was filled with vials of chemicals.

He called the police who told him that it was a methamphetamine lab.

A woman was taking a bath at her apartment on Northridge Crossing when she heard someone banging on her sliding glass door, screaming for help.

She got up to look and saw a man at the door with a cut throat and several stab wounds to the lower abdomen.

She had her son run to a neighbor's house to call the police. Meanwhile, the man walked back to his apartment and lay down on a mattress.

When the police arrived they asked the man who had stabbed him and he told them that he did it himself. The man was taken to the hospital.

The Blotter is taken entirely from police reports.??

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