Talk of the Town - Lovebirds March 19 2003

Art and Lisa Hurt bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "nature lovers." When they met 25 years ago at a Sierra Club meeting, they found their love for nature wasn't the only thing they had in common and have been married ever since.

The couple now works with the Atlanta Audubon Society to promote the enjoyment and understanding of birds. According to Lisa, birding has surpassed hunting and fishing as a hobby to become one of the most popular outdoor activities.

With over 300 active members, the organization sponsors trips all over the state to remote locations where you can see rare bird species.

As avid bird watchers for the last 20 years, the Hurts have traveled the world looking for a chance to see their favorite rare and exotics up close and personal. But they don't have to travel far now — 90 different species of birds visit their backyard habitat.

Audubon Society members also learn different types of birdcalls and specific plants that attract rare birds. And that whistle may just lead to love.

Trips offered March 22-May 17. Meets once a month at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, 1911 Cliff Valley Way. Contact Art and Lisa Hurt: 770-934-7660; arhurt@mindspring.com. <a href=http://"www.atlantaaudubon.org"target="new">www.atlantaaudubon.org.